Lanah Kopplin (left) and Harry Freeman.
Lannah Kopplin, a Phantom Regiment euphonium player (and columnist) and Harry Freeman, a Boston Crusaders trumpet player, addressed DCI Tour Event Partners this afternoon in Orlando. Kopplin explained her love of performing and competing during DCI summers. "(I explained) Why competition is important, and why performances make the summer. Without competition, we don't have performances," Kopplin said. Freeman, meanwhile, said, "Successful events lead to successful summers. Spreading news of events to youth will expand the drum corps community." Doug Madar, who runs the NightBeat show in Charlotte, N.C. (and is a member of the Tour Event Partner Advisory Committee), said, "They were terrific! They had a great perspective." Madar was amused by Kopplin's assessment of drum corps life on the road. "It's like being a rock star for 12 minutes," Kopplin said.