Drew Tucker, of Boca Raton, Fla, is an age-out member of Magic of Orlando. He last marched with the corps in 1996, took a few years off, and came back to march in and instruct the pit.He wasn't planning on marching Magic this year, or any other corps, for that matter, as he was committed to stay at home and help out after the death of his father last November.Only after his father passed away, he found out something that came as a surprise; his father wanted him to march his last year, perhaps knowing something about what drum corps does for members that Drew himself had not yet realized. Drew admits, "I didn't know it was a big deal to him."So, with his father's posthumous blessing, Drew once again started to think about marching in a corps. He was in contact with a number of corps during the winter when Magic's drum caption head and staff coordinator John Campese called him in February. Drew knew John from the 1996 season, and they talked about two hours. John told him about the new management and informed him of an opportunity that swung Drew's thinking towards marching at all, and marching Magic instead of the other corps.If Drew came to Magic, he would not only have an opportunity to march, he would also have a chance to instruct. "To me, drum corps is about learning, and as a section leader and vet, I would also have the chance to teach, and in doing so, I would learn myself."As an instructor for a number of local high schools, he knows that the marching experience is all about learning, believing that "learning is success."After quarterfinals, Drew stated, "I felt great to look down the line at the people next to me and know that they finally understood It was a great thing to witness as one of the few vets and age-outs in the corps." "This week is the culmination of a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears. It was a lot of hours spent through the Florida weather, from dry spells to sixteen days of rain."But the experience made the hardships worthwhile. It's the experience gained and cherished that should be at the forefront of thought of anyone debating about marching before it's too late.