This month Drum Corps International is spearheading an effort to establish March 4 as "National Marching Arts Day."

By establishing National Marching Arts Day, we aim to spotlight and celebrate the positive effects on young people and our society from lessons learned and life skills acquired through involvement with the unique collection of activities comprising the "marching arts."

"Joining together with organizations across the country, from drum corps to marching bands to drum lines, step teams, pipe bands, and many others, we're working to create a platform from which to draw national attention to the importance of music education, and specifically, the unique contribution of the marching arts," DCI Executive Director Dan Acheson said. "We need your help to make this a reality!"

Marching Arts activities includes marching bands, drum corps, drill teams, color guards, drum lines, step teams, string bands, pipe bands, fife and drum groups, military bands, ceremonial groups, parade groups and other ensembles promoting music making, entertainment, cultural enrichment, self-confidence, teamwork, leadership training, goal-setting, responsibility, competition, good sportsmanship and fun.

In order for the online petition to be considered by the White House, 100,000 signatures need to be registered by April 2, 2013. Help create this outstanding opportunity for our country to recognize the remarkable achievements of people engaging in the marching arts.

Sign the petition today at