Jake Ansley is a cymbal player for the Colts. "On July 13, the Colts were in Huntington, S.C., and I walking down to full ensemble. It's very sandy there. I lost my footing and my right foot twisted. I fell to the ground and picked up my water bottle in anger and threw it, but it survived better than I did.

Jake Ansley of the Colts.
"The entire cymbal line was there and saw it. The foot started swelling right away, so the line knew I was in trouble. I marched for a couple reps that day and then took the rest of the day off. I didn't want to sit out, even though the foot was still swollen. The next couple of days, I marched for a couple reps and took a couple reps off. "Five days later, I finally went to a doctor in Alabama. He told me I had a broken bone and that I tore a tendon. I told him that I had been marching on it, and he said, 'OK, then we'll have to put a cast on it.' I checked myself out, which might have been stupid. "I went back to the housing site and told everyone it was just a torn tendon. I thought if I told them the truth, they would send me home. Just two days ago, the staff and management finally found out the truth when I told them. "I marched in Indy, and that hurt really bad. I WILL march this week. The staff makes me use the crutches so I stay off the foot as much as I can. "I would do it the same it all over again, except I would try to avoid the sand."