From a Boston Crusaders' press release: Bryan Marion and Tom Bureau (and in-line drum major Mike Benz) will lead the Boston Crusaders as drum majors for the 2004 season. Crusaders' program Director Howard Weinstein said, "I know that these three young men will do a terrific job," said Weinstein. "Bryan is returning for his fourth year as a drum major, and his third year on the podium. He has continued to give his heart and soul to the organization, and has sacrificed quite a bit to give us this time. "Tom, while in his first -- and last -- year as a drum major, is a five-year veteran and age-out as well. While I know this is the percussion section's loss, it is the entire corps' gain. Tom is dedicated, committed, and all we look for in a Crusader. "As in-line drum major, Mike is 'the corps taskmaster' of all taskmasters. In his fifth year with the Crusaders, Mike continues to grow as a leader, and will be instrumental in the corps's growth and stability in the next few years." The Boston Crusaders drum majors play a vital role in the on-field and off-field operations of the corps. In addition to their musical responsibilities, Boston's drum majors play a key role in the leadership of the corps. Their responsibilities include off-season planning and coordination, practice camp leadership, and keeping the corps and its members running smoothly during tour.