From a Marion Glory Cadets press release: Marion Glory Cadets will not be fielding a corps this season. We regret this announcement has come so late in the year, and would have made the call much earlier in the year if we did not believe the corps would field this summer. Our delay was based on the wishes of our members, staff and supporters, and they have been involved in the decision every step of the way. We anticipate all of our members who wish to march, and are eligible, will still be able to find positions with other corps as some of them are already practicing with other corps at this time. Please note the corps is not halting operations. We will continue to maintain our funding operations and recruitment, and we intend to host a show this summer. It is our intent to spend the summer and fall months recruiting, preparing and reorganizing for a return to the field in 2006. Our show is scheduled to take place at the William Henry Harrison High School in Harrison, Ohio, on June 30, 2005.