From a YEA! press release: Larry Markiewicz has been named director of the Crossmen, replacing Dean Musson, who lead the Crossmen for two years. Markiewicz, a band director at Bridgewater-Raritan High School and the program coordinator at North Penn High School marching band, served as program coordinator for the Crossmen in 2003. His involvement in the drum corps activity includes staff positions with the Glassmen, Crown, Crossmen and Cadets. He was a marching member of the Crossmen from 1989 through 1991. Markiewicz will serve as director through the summer of 2007.

Markiewicz succeeds Dean Musson's two-year tenure as director (and five years as brass caption head) that provided audiences and members with some of the most memorable and entertaining shows in the Corps' 28-year history. "Dean did a great job here over 5 years. His move to management was sudden and there were some difficult days. We were most pleased and proud with the work Dean and his team did with the Crossmen, but at this point, we believe we need to look to a new formula," said George Hopkins, executive director of YEA!

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