From a Teal Sound press release: Teal Sound of Jacksonville, Fla., is proud to announce the return of Mark McGahey as brass consultant for the 2004 season. McGahey is the brass co-caption head of the Cavaliers. With McGahey's techniques Teal Sound made great improvement in the 2003 season. Also returning to Teal Sound is Bill Clark as brass caption head/arranger, and Billy McClendon as high brass eech. Clark has taken on the massive task of converting the music of Dream Theater from the rock concert stage to the drum corps stage. McClendon is a Sprit of Atlanta alumni and is currently the brass caption head of Baker County High School in MacClenny, Fla. Mark Lentsch and Don Burke have joined Teal Sound's brass staff this season. Lentsch is a Jersey Surf alumni and is currently the band director of Suwannee County High School in Live Oak, Fla. Don Burke is a long time championship band director in upstate New York.
The 2004 season will begin Thanksgiving weekend, Saturday, Nov. 29 at 9 a.m. at Florida Community College of Jacksonville with an audition camp. For more info on Teal Sound staff and upcoming audition camps, go to