François Morin first got involved with drum corps and music as a bass drummer with Academie Musicale from Sherbrooke, Que. in 1994. He learned how to play music in the corps, and the experience taught him he wanted to pursue a music degree. He marched five seasons with the corps and continued his music studies. He fell in love with The Cavaliers and ended up marching in the corps' front ensemble from 1999-2002. While he was marching, he decided to start working on a degree in marketing in addition to the music degree he was already pursuing. He especially wanted some additional background in business. In 2002, he learned of the DCI intern program and applied for the position for this year. He's been with the organization since May. François works on projects, including field reporting on all major events and some smaller competitions. When he's on the field at shows, he's actively capturing video for his "This Week in Drum Corps" video montage on The montage appears in two parts; a spotlight that features a different corps each week and a behind-the-scenes look at what transpired the previous week. Missy Idso marched with the Colts from 1998-2002 in the color guard and spent two years with Studio Tucee winter guard. She has a degree in journalism from Iowa State University. She also has a minor in English and an emphasis in visual communication. She learned about the DCI Marketing and Promotions intern program through the DCI Web site. After learning more, she became excited about the possibility of working as an intern, as the position combines her two passions in life; drum corps and journalism. She's been with DCI since June. Missy takes many of the field photographs you enjoy on, and she conducts many of the interviews with marchers as they come off the field, bringing fans back home into the live action. She also conducts the audio interviews for the "This Week in Drum Corps" spotlight videos with corps staff members. Each day this week in Orlando, look for a video titled "Good Morning, DCI." This new feature will introduce fans to the team and inform those at home what events are coming up on the Web site during the day, and who's covering the event with still photographs, articles and videos. Following those events will be a daily video montage, a feature that will place you right in the Citrus Bowl for all Division I events and Division II & III finals, at Dr. Phillips High School for Division II & III prelims and semifinals, at downtown I & E events, and everywhere that is touched by the Drum Corps International World Championships. People working on the DCI World Championships will also be introduced, as well as a series of special guests. Come visit early and often every day. There's lots of material to enjoy and there is something new almost every hour during the waking part of the day. Much of what you'll be enjoying is the result of the toil of François and Missy.