From a Memphis Sound press release: Memphis Sound recently acquired an equipment trailer from its friends at East Coast Jazz. The 40-foot trailer was delivered to the corps Memorial Day camp this past Friday, just in time for volunteers to roll up their sleeves and give it a little TLC. "The trailer was in remarkably good condition. We were able to completely repaint the interior and install overhead and exterior lighting during the weekend," said corps volunteer Steve Bell.

Memphis Sound's new truck.
After two seasons in rented box trucks, Memphis Sound was ready to expand into a vehicle that could accommodate the equipment of a growing corps. Fortunately, East Coast Jazz had recently purchased a new equipment trailer, making available their "tried and true" former trailer. Memphis Sound conducted a grass-roots fundraising campaign to provide payment for the equipment. According to Trey Moore, corps director, "It was not budgeted for, so we had to get some folks to step up and help out, which they enthusiastically did." Several corps parents, staff members, and even youth members contributed to the trailer fund.

Memphis Sound wishes to thank Tom Chopelas, director of East Coast Jazz, for his assistance with the purchase and delivery. The corps also thanks Harry Heidelmark for driving the trailer almost 1,400 miles from its former home in Massachusetts to its new home in Memphis. For more information on Memphis Sound, visit