120 brass, percussion and guard prospects gathered together on Saturday, Nov. 29, for the first audition camp of the 2004 edition of Memphis Sound. The first round of auditions were held on the campus of the University of Memphis. Corps director Trey Moore was "very encouraged by the turnout." He added, "We have a lot of our charter members returning and an exceptional group of new candidates auditioning. The percussion section is solid. I am excited by what I see in the guard. And the horns sounded great, though we could use a few low brass players and a soprano or two." Memphis Sound plans to field 100 members in 2004.

Memphis Sound will embark on an ambitious program of original music for the coming year entitled "Elements of Blue." The brass composition is being written by Terry Jolley. Kevin Tabb is writing the percussion book. According to Jolley, "The music will be in a symphonic blues motif." He continued, "Memphis has a rich musical heritage, and we want to play around with that. But we also want to do something very original and exciting for our kids and the audience. Stay tuned!"

Returning to the Memphis Sound design team this year is Kevin Tabb, program coordinator and percussion caption head; Ryan Todd, brass caption head; and Terry Jolley, brass arranger. Joining the Memphis Sound design team for 2004 will be David Koelz, visual designer and caption head, and Gustavo Jacobo, guard designer. Also new to the Memphis Sound staff are Emily Stevens and Kristin Kelly, guard instructors, and Benji McLain, brass instructor.

The next audition camp for the corps will be held on January 2-4, 2004. For more information, visit the corps' Web site.