Memphis Sound's new Web site, at, boosts the corps' official colors and logos. Updated features of the Web site include a multimedia page, a forum page, parent information, and a corps store (still under construction). The multimedia page includes images from each of the new corps' three rehearsal camps, a video of the brass and percussion ensemble from January, and midi files of some of Memphis Sound's brass arrangements. Corps Director Trey Moore says, "our new site IS Memphis Sound. As we try to communicate to the public who we are, what we're about, and how seriously we take our commitment to kids and parents, our Web site becomes our main public relations tool. We want our Web site to be truly reflective of our organization. We think our visitors will find it informative, useful and easy to navigate." Memphis Sound, a program of the Memphis Youth Performing Arts Association, is in its charter season as a drum and bugle corps. It will compete as a Division II corps in 2003, fielding 100 members. The Web designer is Pat Bohannan, a corps administrative volunteer.