From a Memphis Sound press release: The members of Memphis Sound suited up for the first time this year to perform in front of an NBA audience at a recent Memphis Grizzlies basketball game. The playoff-bound Grizzlies were hosting the Houston Rockets and Yao Ming. The corps performed a brief pre-game concert on center court of the 19,000-seat Pyramid Arena. Unfortunately, there were far fewer people in the seats at the time the corps performed. But the popcorn vendors sure got a treat!

Memphis Sound at Pyramid Arena
The Grizzlies performance kicked off a camp weekend and required corps members to arrive as early as 3:30 p.m. on a Friday for a camp that normally begins at 8 p.m. The members and staff were treated to a great half of basketball before boarding the bus as the third quarter began in order to return to the school for a couple of hours of rehearsal. Priorities, you know! (Editor's note: contributor Allison Owen recounted her experience at the Grizzlies game in a recent article.)