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Memphis Sound to present "Harmonic Voices" in 2007

Memphis Sound to present "Harmonic Voices" in 2007

by Drum Corps International

From a Memphis Sound press release: Memphis Sound is pleased to announce its program for the 2007 season, "Harmonic Voices." This program aims to take its audience on a musical journey where harmony, melody, rhythm and color, join forces with precision, velocity and power. Designed to excite the eyes and entice the ears, "Harmonic Voices" will prove to be the corps' most exciting program to date. The vocal music of Karl Jenkins with its driving rhythms and soaring melodic lines, combined with the emotional raw power of composer Eric Whitacre, will establish a new era within the Memphis Sound organization.
"The design team is really excited about the opportunities that this show presents," said program coordinator, Andre Feagin. "It contains all of the elements for success and provides a great challenge and vehicle for both our members and staff." www.memphisdrumcorps.org

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