DCI personality Michael Cesario lives across the street from New York's Central Park, where artist Christo's "The Gates" display was unveiled on Feb. 12 (and being taken down starting today). We couldn't wait to ask the outspoken Cesario about the "saffron" decorations adorning his neighborhood. You know what? They're colorful, they're fun. Are they art? I have no clue. But they're an event, and it's a little bit dull in the park right now. This is its most dormant season, and the color -- although it is "safety cone orange" -- they said saffron, and there's no freaking chance those are saffron -- carrot is more like it. It's motion and fabric and color. 200,000 people come in and crowd the restaurants and make sure that some of these folks are making a living, why not? Lots of people come to see them and quite a bit of fuss is made, and they're up while the Olympic committee is here to make their decision. Consequently I'm going to suggest that we (DCI) salute the Gates by having Santa Clara wear orange Buddhist robes. I know it's not art, but isn't it fun? We could have just gotten the Cadets to come over the river and do a couple flag routines for that amount of money ("The Gates" cost $21 million, but was completely financed by the artist). Read more about the Gates.