Chris and Gracie Trevino, two proud drum corps parents, sent this photo.

Attached is a picture of our son, Christopher, who is beginning his third year in the front ensemble with Revolution. The picture was taken at the 2006 DCI Division II & III World Championship Finals in Madison, Wis., after Revolution front ensemble instructor Mark Waldon had just placed the silver medal around his neck.

Chris is graduating from high school this year so we were going through some pictures for his senior album. There are many proud moments in a parent's life. This is one of our favorites. We are so happy that our son is in drum corps. It has been a positive experience for all of us.

Our daughter, my husband and I have all volunteered with Revolution. It's hard work, but we have made such wonderful friends and had such good times that we look forward to another summer!

Thanks Chris and Gracie!