Mike "Mongo" Lukas will serve as drill designer for Teal Sound in 2004. Returning for his third season with Teal Sound, Lukas served as caption head/visual designer for the marching program in 2003. His career as a visual designer and instructor spans three decades of marching band and drum corps, and as a designer for many high school indoor programs. Lukas also serves as a judge in the marching band circuit in Florida. He is currently the drill designer for Baker County High School in Glyn St. Mary, Fla. Lukas' marching experience comes by way of Mt. Upton High School from 1973-1980, the Avant Garde (of Saratoga Springs, N.Y.) and as a member of the Crossmen until his age-out year of 1984, where he picked up his now infamous nickname "Mongo."