In my continuing drive for reader participation, I asked all of you for contributions referring to drum corps terminology, and here are some of the fun ones!

Last time: In normal life, the phrase "for the last time" really means doing something for the last time. But everybody in drum corps knows that when a instructor yells, "OK, for the last time," you will end up doing the same routine at least four more times. The only "last time" in drum corps is during your final performance, when you realize that "the last time" really is the last time, and that pretty soon you will have to go back to real life." -- Katja Haan, Beatrix, Hilversum, Holland.

Andy Dittrich
Klingon friend: "An individual associated with free days who suddenly becomes your friend for the entire day. This person can be seen following you and your friends from location to location and is not particularly wanted. In most occurrences, the group will devise a plan to loose the Klingon friend without his or her knowing." -- Dave Leckman, Capital Sound

And a key comment on Tour funk: "As far as I have been able to discover, that distinctive odor you have referred to as tour funk can best be explained by the smell of sunburned skin. At least that's my best guess on what it really is." -- Adrian Martinez, Boston Crusaders

Also this week, let's continue interacting and talk about drum corps venues: The best, the worst, the strangest!

I'll get you started with a couple of famous ones ...

Huskie Stadium, DeKalb, Ill.: Truly one of the most historic drum corps stadiums in the nation. DeKalb has been a perennial home to major drum corps shows for more than 30 years now, and has become a very endearing place for many drum corps members and fans. That huge, mysterious acoustic phenomenon called "the wall" screws with the heads of drum corps every year, and teaches members a whole new meaning to "watch the drum major" and "listen back."

Warhawk/Perkins Stadium, Whitewater, Wis.:- The home of the first DCI World Championships, this stadium, on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, has gone through a name change since the early days of DCI, but continues to keep generations of drum corps pouring out memories upon their walk up "the Hill." A stadium too small for DCI finals now, but just right for a pretty large show, it now hosts the Madison Scouts' home show, and brings in drum corps aficionados of all generations. I'm sure some of them, like me, listen to their parents pour out hundreds of memories of the town of Whitewater, and where the Pizza Hut used to be.