With just the Glassmen to perform here tonight, some audience members took the opportunity to reflect on the performances they have seen.Joe Gill, a band director from Paris, Ill., "I'm really enjoying it. With so much happening down on the field, it's hard to take it all in. I think the Cavaliers, so far, have looked really good."Michael Frame, a band director from Terre Haute, Ind., said, "I'm just amazed at the level of excellence this early in the season, especially from the Cavaliers. It's just amazing. They've got so much of the season left – it will be interesting to see how much they can refine their show, to see how high they can raise the bar," Frame said.Frame hinted at one aspect of the Cavaliers' strong early-season scores that has some drum corps fans scratching their heads at what could happen next. Will the Cavaliers peak too early? The Cavaliers intend not to peak early. At a clinic for students this afternoon, corps director Jeff Fiedler said the Cavaliers intend to keep practicing and tweaking the show, and the corps practiced intensely here until almost showtime, rehearsing one small middle section of their show many times through. The corps also rehearsed several other sections during the late-afternoon rehearsal.