From a Spirit press release: As the March camp came to a close, Spirit from JSU was celebrating the progression of their 2004 production, "The Architecture of Life." With 75 percent of the musical program written and a very successful drill camp behind them, the corps looks forward to finishing the creation and implementation of this year's program. Fielding the most mature corps in many years for Spirit, the brass and percussion have been very successful this winter in advancing technique and musicianship, with weekly horn rehearsals and monthly percussion camps. Listen for a very symphonic sound this year with the addition of musical arranger, Richard Saucedo. The drill design also promises to be one of the most advanced and intricate drills Spirit has ever marched, under the creative pen of Michael Gaines. Conceptually, this creative team, headed by program coordinator David Starnes, has been working behind the scenes throughout the winter to give this corps one of the freshest and more crowd-pleasing shows in recent years. Director Ken Bodiford and the entire Spirit instructional team is excited and eager to field this year's group. "The Architecture of Life" will be a musical and visual journey through the eye of a person's life, depicting pictures or "scapes" of life. The listener will experience the inner psyche of the human mind in movement I, "Mindscape," and travel the road of right and left brain, analytical vs. creative. Musically, this movement is based on Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring." Movement II, "Dreamscape," will be a depiction of human dreams, both visually and aurally utilizing the musical beauty of Ron Nelson's "Sonoran Desert Holiday." Movement III, "Soundscape," is a melodic and rhythmic journey through sound. Listen for brass to play a role as a rhythmic device and the percussion to act more in a melodic role. The color guard will also have a role as a "sound" ensemble rather than a visual ensemble at certain points in this movement. Richard Saucedo's original music for this movement is a musical exploration that defies description, a truly groundbreaking composition for drum corps! The final movement, "Urbanscape," is the environment of where "we" live. The movement will begin with a look back in urban history using the ballet music of Leonard Bernstein's "On The Town." As the movement transitions into the present, the jazz inflections of Michael Daugherty will be tapped with music from "Bizarro," as the city skyline is built, visually representing modern day urban life. We the staff and design team at Spirit hope you enjoy this reflection and celebration of the human spirit. It is our hope that our audiences will draw upon personal experiences that make this show special to each individual who sees our corps this summer. It is our goal to leave you with a little insight of who we are as people and our shared commonalities of minds, dreams, music and life.