From the YEA! Web site: Over the weekend of Feb. 4-6, the Cadets moved more into "the zone" than at any time in their existence. With rewrites to "Liquid," additional percussion for "Liquid," and additional percussion and wind charts for "The Machine," the program has inched towards the edge of completion. At the next camp, in late February, the brass section will complete the last section, tentatively called "False Mirror," and amazingly, the music for the entire year will be complete. All then that will be needed is the addition of percussion in March and the corps will be on the way to a summer of fun and success. The Cadets brass section has been shaped to just a few more than 64 marching this summer. There is a need for a euphonium and tuba player (one each) but other than that, the line is about set for 2005. As mentioned before, the percussion line will be marching 11 snares and six toms so, look for "big" things from this section. In a post-camp discussion, Matt Haines, new assistant director for the Cadets, noted, "the percussion section is awesome. Their performance of the percussion solo the first time through felt like May, not February. What a talented group of guys! I guess having eight snares back helps!"