Less than 24 hours after its launch, more than 4,000 beta testers have signed up to test the DCI Season Pass. Those testers have listened to almost 30,000 streams of DCI shows. DCI executive director Dan Acheson said, "We are thrilled with the initial reaction of the DCI Season Pass beta test. Many beta testers are pleased but want more. Forgive the pun, but that is music to our ears. We intend to grow the DCI Season Pass over the next couple of years to include much more audio as well as historical video. The most exciting part of developing this new service, there is no end to what we can offer!" Fans are raving about the DCI Season Pass. "This thing is insanely amazing. I'm so happy you guys put in all the work for this. I'm sure you are well aware of your accomplishment, but I thought I'd just let you know," said Hardik Savalia of North Wales, Pa. "From my experience ... the site is awesome," said Brad Furlano, a member of the Blue Stars board of directors from Seattle. Ed Harrell from Montgomery, Ala., predicts financial hardship for himself when the DCI Season Pass actually launches. "Wow! I love this! Can you recommend a good bankruptcy attorney for after I fill my MP3 player! This is the absolute coolest thing DCI has done in years! Thank You!" Harrell said. Some drum corps fans are finding that the DCI Season Pass offers a great break from the workday. "This is great -- definitely one way to keep an employee distracted. Good thing my boss loves drum corps," said Kenneth Phillips of Fauquier, Va. DCI senior Web developer Ricky Fritzsching said, "The ride that I have been on the last 24 hours has just been awesome. We have had more than 4,000 beta testers sign up and over 30,000 streams initiated in the first 24 hours of testing. I have never seen bandwidth reports like this! And the great thing is that our server/network hasn't come close to showing its muscles yet," Fritzsching said.

Acheson commended the labor of Fritzsching. "He has done an amazing job laying out the DCI Season Pass, with the help of other DCI staffers, including Tracy Fritzsching, Ric Oberlin, Dave Wilson, and many volunteers. Thank you all!" Acheson said. And as the Season Pass evolves, we'll be amassing and formatting even more DCI shows to add to the season library. Stay tuned! Head on over to register and start streaming! Remember when. Live it now. One pass. One place.