Closing out the year and looking ahead to the summer of 2013, this week Drum Corps International recaps highlights of 2012, today with the most downloaded corps on the DCI Fan Network. Throughout the summer, fans had the opportunity to follow the progress of corps all season long with high quality Audio Performance Downloads captured at a number of events on the 2012 DCI Tour schedule. In addition, audio and video downloads reaching all the way back to DCI's earliest years continue to be accumulated on the Fan Network, making it the most comprehensive resource for drum corps audio and videophiles alike.

2012 Carolina Crown
Top 5 Audio Performance Downloads (2012 performances) 1. Carolina Crown For the Common Good 2. Santa Clara Vanguard Music of the Starry Night 3. Phantom Regiment Turandot 4. The Cadets 12.25 5. Blue Devils Cabaret Voltaire

2011 Madison Scouts
Top 5 Audio Performance Downloads (Legacy 1972-2011) 1. 2011 Phantom Regiment Juliet 2. 2011 Cadets Between Angels and Demons 3. 2011 Carolina Crown Rach Star 4. 2011 Bluecoats Brave New World 5. 2011 Madison Scouts New York Morning

2010 Phantom Regiment
Top 5 Video Performance Downloads (1974-2010) 1. 2008 Phantom Regiment Spartacus 2. 2010 Cavaliers Mad World 3. 2010 Blue Devils Through a Glass Darkly 4. 2010 Phantom Regiment Into the Light 5. 2010 Bluecoats Metropolis: The Future is Now
Audio and Video Performance Downloads (APDs & VPDs) are available exclusively through the DCI Fan Network.