Tuesday, June 10 -- day 19 Finally a day without any rain! After six days of rain, I started to forget what a full rehearsal day felt like. I've become adapted to having short and interrupted blocks for the last week, and I kinda miss them. But I've got a feeling those rain days will be over for a while, so now it's back to roasting under the sun all day long. The best part of today was the few number of times we had to move our equipment. We're finally becoming more and more efficient with moving stuff, it used to take us a good 45 minutes to move stuff, but now we've pushed it down to about 25, soon to be 15 minutes once we get some stuff fixed. Today felt more like a tour day since we only had to move once each block. Due to noise restrictions, we now have to shorten our rehearsal days by an hour every night. I guess the people of Lakeland, Fla., are finally getting tired of hearing us every night. Each day more and more people randomly show up during our rehearsals just to see what's going on. We've had a pretty decent crowd of spectators every night in ensemble as well. It's nice having different faces in the crowd every night, cause it gets old staring at the same people each night while trying to perform to the crowd. We discovered a scale today in the men's locker room, I was shocked to see that I've already lost 11 pounds since May 23. I'm beginning to look like a skeleton, I just don't understand where the weight that I'm losing is coming from sometimes. Our front ensemble section leader has already lost over 20 pounds since move-ins started. Tomorrow should be a good break for us, we've got a quick morning block, then we've got the rest of the day off for laundry and for free time. This free day couldn't have come at a better time, I'm just really starting to get burnt out. Move-ins are just too long. Scherzo archives Fox, 19, is a junior at Florida State University. He played in the front ensemble of the Tampa Bay Thunder 2000 and 2001, and with the Phantom Regiment 2002, and will play with the Magic of Orlando in 2003. Fox will report back from each spring camp, and continue his reports through the summer. Send him e-mail at friceox@aol.com, or instant message him at friceox.