Music City has a clear goal this season. Be better than last year.

It’s practical, yet important. Last season was the Nashville corps’ first season in Drum Corps International’s World Class division where they won fans over with their entertaining railroad-themed “Hell on Wheels” production, ultimately finishing in 21st place at the DCI World Championship Semifinals.

“We just always want to be the best Music City we can be,” said drum major Parker Shepherd. “We did have a great season last year. We’re looking for a better one this year.”

Shepherd admitted Music City is far ahead, more focused and more determined than they’ve been in her six years with the corps. So far, it’s shown on the scorecard. Music City recorded a 58.800 in its debut performance this season, a point and a half improvement from 2018.

Music CityMusic City performs on the field of Liberty Bowl Stadium, Saturday, July 13, in Memphis.

“This year we seem to be a lot more dedicated than other years,” sixth-year drum major Patrick Nelson said. “Every time we get on the field we’re always ready to rehearse and ready to lock it in and make the show better.”

Music City’s 2019 production, “Of Mice and Music,” is based upon the Aesop fable “The City Mouse and the Country Mouse” and explores two different environments and types of music.

The presentation first explores the life of city mice, who are angering the taxi drivers roaming around, before a transition to that of the country mice, who have to deal with flocks of birds that clearly don’t want them there.

The hardships of each — taxis can run over the city mice and birds can eat the country mice — are quickly evident. There’s a simple and meaningful storyline to follow.

Music CityMusic City enters the field of Liberty Bowl Stadium, Saturday, July 13, in Memphis.

“It’s about how no matter where you are, you might have your own difficulties, but in the end we’re all still mice,” Nelson said.

Added Shepherd: “We realize that we all have differences and in the end we come together in our closer and love each other.”

Aside from it being the corps’ sophomore season competing as a World Class ensemble, Music City also recently embarked on a monumental corps first. On Saturday, July 13, the Nashville-based corps performed in Memphis for the first time in its history, creating a nice homecoming for some of its members.

“This year I’m mostly looking forward to performing in Memphis,” Nelson said. “I’m from South Haven, Mississippi which is 30 minutes south so I’m really excited to perform at my home.”

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