The Genesis drum line warms up outside the San Antonio Alamodome July 19.
Although the football field serves as center stage for a drum corps performance, there is even more excitement waiting for the audience a little ways outside the gates of the stadium where corps members are just starting to warm up before they head into competition. It may take some searching to find them tucked away in parking lots and other remote locations away from the bright stadium lights, but the work is worth it when you get to hear the most adrenaline-pumping drum beats and hair-raising horn runs of the season in an intimate performance setting unlike any other. Giving you a unique taste of the 2014 DCI Tour, we've assembled a sampler of some of our favorite lot videos that we've seen so far this summer!

Carolina Crown Horn Line

Enjoy the sound of the 2014 Carolina Crown horn line warming up for their "Out of This World" performance in Muncie, Indiana on June 27.

Santa Clara Vanguard Drum Line

Listen as Santa Clara Vanguard's drum line plays through chunks of its 2014 program "Scheherazade: Words 2 Live By" before a performance in Houston, Texas.

Blue Knights Horn Line

Take a front row seat as Blue Knights perform part of their show "That One Second" in Atlanta, Georgia before their performance at the DCI Southeastern Championship.

Blue Devils Drum Line

Enjoy the 2014 Blue Devils drum line rehearsing for their performance of "Felliniesque" in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Phantom Regiment Front Ensemble

Get up close with the 2014 Phantom Regiment front ensemble, warming up for their first performance of "Swan Lake" at DCI Opening Night in Indianapolis.

Crossmen Drum Line

Listen to the sweet sounds of the Crossmen drum line warming up in their hometown of San Antonio before the 2014 DCI Southwestern Championship.

Spirit of Atlanta Horn Line

Spirit of Atlanta serenades the Delaware River in the lot as they prepare to take the field in Chester, Pennsylvania.

Colts Drum Line

Enjoy some clean beats, courtesy of the Colts drum line before they perform "Dark Side of the Rainbow" in San Antonio.

Bluecoats Drum Line

Enjoy the Bluecoats drum line as they jam out in the lot with their 2014 warm up titled "Vortex."

Madison Scouts Drum Line

Feel the music as the 2014 Madison Scouts drum line warms up in Denver, Colorado before their performance at Drums Along the Rockies on July 12.

Troopers Drum Line

Join the members of the Troopers drum line as they practice sections of their show "A People's House" before the show in Denver, Colorado.