From the Boston Crusaders Web site: "It's my last February camp ever." Those were the words going through my mind as my plane departed for Tampa, Fla., two short weeks ago. This coming summer will be my fifth and final year marching DCI, all for the Boston Crusaders. I have certainly had many memorable experiences in my time with the corps (especially finals in 2005 for the home crowd in Foxboro, Mass.), but I want to take this time to explain our most recent rehearsal camp and my outlook on the 2006 BAC. Most drum corps members will agree that it is sometimes difficult to get the momentum for the winter rehearsal camps that we have in the middle of the summer because tour seems so far off and everyone is focused on their "real life." But not for me and not for the Boston Crusaders. I have been in constant contact with numerous members since our previous camp, and I know exactly what is going to happen during the weekend. The energy and motivation that the leadership as well as the staff will bring to the table will be internalized and shot right back at us with an intensity to make the show better. Read more.