Henniker, New Hampshire – The Boston Crusaders have been forced to postpone the beginning of their competitive season due to a widespread illness in the corps. On the morning of June 23, the first members of the Boston Crusaders were brought to area hospitals with an apparent stomach virus. Over a few days, this illness had affected all but a handful of the members, staff and support staff of the Boston Crusaders. As of the morning of June 25, the majority of the corps was recovering, and the last few members were being treated. State health officials have been called to the scene to conduct interviews with those affected, and have yet to determine the cause of the outbreak. The Crusader organization wishes all the best to the corps competing in East Rutherford and Allentown this weekend, and send their apologies to all the fans they will miss. The Crusaders plan on beginning their competitive season in Beverly, Mass., on June 29.