From a Mystikal press release: In 2004, Mystikal entered the drum corps arena with the dark music of Pirates of the Caribbean. Now, for 2005, the corps enters the second season with further exploration of the dark side of life with a medieval-themed show titled, "A Sorcerer's Sonnet." Using dark and mysterious medieval themes from Brian Tyler's score from the movie "Timeline," along with excerpts from David Holsinger's, "In the Spring When Kings Go Off to War" and original music by Bill Garcia and John Meehan, Mystikal will musically show the dark side of the medieval period of time, when sorcerers played a major part in the leadership of society; a time where, while chivalry reigned, there were dark spells and evil all around. Even during the seemingly happy and tranquil times, darkness constantly lurks about. "I'm really excited about our show choice this year," commented corps director Rob Lowery. "Dark music seems to be an area where we excel, and the medieval renaissance era is a perfect place to continue this exploration." The 2005 show will not try to tell a specific story, but rather show a period of time and segment of society through music and visual. "With our show last year, we tried to tell a specific story of a pirate's adventure," says corps manager Marc Gofstein. "This year we wanted to change that and give the audience a visual and music package from a certain period, and allow their imaginations to tell the story for them. We think this gives the fans an added treat in that they get to share the experience, not just have us spoon feed it to them. A Sorcerers' Sonnet will portray the dark side of humanity, the evil side of us all. For without evil, good cannot exist. In other Mystikal news, the corps will be holding a two-day workshop this December to offer prospective members an opportunity to work with the staff, experience the corps style and preview the exciting 2005 season. "The workshops are a great chance for those who are interested in our corps to come check us out," says corps director Rob Lowery. "It's a great opportunity to see how strong our staff is, our corps is and how dedicated we all are to creating a truly rewarding experience." Everyone interested, whether intending on auditioning for the corps or not, is invited to the workshop, which will be held December 5 and 12 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Newbury Park High School in Newbury Park, Calif.. The tuition for the workshop is $60, and includes instruction from the corps staff, music/guard exercise handouts, lunch (both workshops) and a T-shirt. In addition, participants will get a head start in preparation for the corps audition in January. During the workshop, participants will be introduced to the "Mystikal style," including marching technique, and either brass, percussion or guard basics (depending on your caption of choice). Experiences is not necessary (but helpful). Please bring your own instrument/guard equipment. For more information or to reserve your spot, go to Mystikal's Web site or call 562.335.2513.