By Allison Owen Well folks, this is it. On Friday I will be heading down to Jacksonville, Ala., for Spirit's audition camp. This is my first drum corps audition camp, so I'm somewhat nervous but very excited. This weekend while I was at indoor guard rehearsal -- go Absolute! -- I couldn't help but think that I'd be working just as hard -- if not harder -- exactly one week from that time. That thought gave me the chills and the strength to keep on "performing" in rehearsal all weekend, despite any pain or sleepiness.

Allison Owen
In the past months so many people have given me tips and encouragement; I really appreciate all of that. I'd like to send a special thanks to all of you who have supported me and given me the confidence to keep going. Before I even go down to audition, I'd like to take this time to say a big "thank you" to everyone who has helped me along the way.

It seems like forever since I first decided to audition for Spirit, but in reality it's only been a matter of months. Now it's time to see if my hard work and practicing will pay off. Maybe it will, maybe it won't -- the only way to find out is to go down there and give it my best.

I'm really excited because this is my first drum corps camp, so I know I'll remember it forever. I've been practicing extra hard all last week and I'll continue to do so this week. I don't know what to expect except for fun times and hard work. I know I'll meet tons of new people and have the time of my life.   

If you're going to be at auditions, find me and say hey -- I'd love to talk to you. I really enjoy meeting new people who love drum corps! If you're not going to be there you'll just have to wait until next week to find out how it goes. 
Allison Owen is a sophomore at Science Hill High School in Johnson City, Tenn., who plans to audition for a corps in November. "I'm in the SHHS guard and I like writing, dancing, performing, traveling, photography and having fun. As for after high school/college, I don't know what I want to do ... I just know I would like to do something dealing with color guard, computers or writing," Owen said.