The 2008 Drum Corps International Summer Tour isn't winding's heating up! You can catch the latest OnDemand video from all 20 World Class corps that competed in Atlanta this past weekend, and as this season rounds third and heads for home, those fans who aren't yet Fan Network subscribers can still get on board with a new reduced subscription price of $39! The price is lower, but there is more content than ever. Here are some of the offerings from the corps you may have been missing out on ... Visit the DCI Fan Network.
The Academy A bird's eye view of the Academy's San Antonio performance has been made available for download in two different aspect ratios, both for less than a dollar!
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Blue Devils Rehearsing in Lebanon, Tenn., the Blue Devils gave local supporters a chance to see corps members run through their show, "Constantly Risking Absurdity."
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Blue Knights Post-show podcasts from Van Buren, Ark. and Atlanta are now available exclusively on the Blue Knights Fan Network.
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Blue Stars "Blue Stars in Motion #14" follows some of the members of the corps during a free evening on the beaches of Pensacola, Fla.
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Bluecoats Fans can see the "Bloo" team's drum line at work and at play in "Bluecoats Live Minute 2.6."
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The Cadets From setting up the scaffolding to stepping into the stadium in San Antonio, fans can see it all in one of the latest Cadets videos.
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Carolina Crown The 48th "CROWNminute" gets on the bus with the corps en route to a show as they rock out to what might be "the ultimate hype song."
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Colts The Colts got a warm welcome and some local hospitality in Natalia, Texas, which they repaid with a concert for fans and supporters.
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Crossmen The Crossmen front ensemble takes listeners "Across the Universe" in a video from the lot in Orlando.
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Phantom Regiment Pre-show hair care is the subject of "Phantom Pheature 6," detailing the art of a "show bun." Who knew so much work went into what's under the helmet?
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Spirit The Spirit horn line takes "warmed up" to a whole new level as they pull out "Georgia on My Mind" in a lot video from Kalamazoo.
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