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The Cavaliers
Watch as music transcends age and creates a shared bond as the Cavaliers and the Classic Cavaliers Alumni Corps sing the corps song.

Carolina Crown
Receive a guided tour through the corps' summer home—the tour bus! Learn about the advantages of sitting all the way in the back near the lavatory.

Velvet Knights
Catch up with VK in this video, which includes clips from recent ensemble sectional rehearsals. You'll also see part of their 2010 production, "Magical Mystery Tour."

Boston Crusaders
Catch this video from Edward, N.Y. shot in the lot, and see the color guard warm up before the show to music from "Planet Damnation"

In this video, Drum Major Sam McGinthy talks about what's been going on these past few days during the Colts' "Change Camp."

Madison Scouts
In this video from the Fourth of July, hear from Ryan Olsen, a Scouts alum, and his father on what they've done to bring drum corps back to their hometown and how much food they've gotten to feed the corps.

Santa Clara Vanguard
Set to their corps song, "Send in the Clowns," take a look inside Santa Clara Vanguard's recent rehearsals.

Following some great performances, hear what the corps members have to say about their morale. Also in this update, catch shots from rehearsals and competitions.

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