The 2008 Drum Corps International Summer Tour has come and gone, but many World Class corps are still uploading exclusive content captured just prior to the end of the World Championships. A $39 subscription to the Fan Network lets you check out all of those video clips, gives you access to OnDemand performance archives from select '08 Drum Crops International events, and gives you special discounts on the latest Audio Performance Downloads – now available from the World Championship Open and World Class Quarterfinals. Don't miss out on these recent videos from the Fan Network … Visit the DCI Fan Network.
Blue Devils The Blue Devils have stockpiled a surplus of new videos including rehearsal footage from the week of the World Championships, performances from the Individual & Ensemble Competition and clips where fans on the street at the '08 World Championships were asked who their favorite corps are.
Watch it on the Blue Devils Fan Network.
Blue Knights Throw down a few beats with members of the 2008 Blue Knights bass drum ensemble as they perform at the Indiana Convention Center during the 2008 World Championship Individual & Ensemble Competition.
Watch it on the Blue Knights Fan Network.
Blue Stars The Blue Stars celebrate the end of their 2008 season in a reflective montage put together for the 20th episode of "Blue Stars in Motion."
Watch it on the Blue Stars Fan Network.
The Cavaliers The 22-minute performance of the Cavaliers Anniversary Corps at the DCI World Championships Semifinals has been posted to the Fan Network. Check out Cavalier alumni performing some of the corps' most loved tunes from the past 60 years.
Watch it on the Cavaliers Fan Network.
Colts Age-out members of the 2008 Colts tell us what their drum corps experiences have meant to them in a recent Fan Network video from the Dubuque, Iowa corps.
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Glassmen One week after the completion of the 2008 World Championships, the Glassmen take a dramatic look back at their summer tour with a montage of video clips and member interviews.
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Phantom Regiment Phantom Regiment takes a walk on the Wagner side with a powerful rendition of "Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral" featured during an encore performance at the 2008 DCI Eastern Classic in Allentown, Pa.
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Santa Clara Vanguard Don't miss the performance of snare drum champion Emmanuel DeLeon as he serves up a variety of stick tricks during the 2008 Individual & Ensemble Competition.
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