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New and notable on the DCI Fan Network

New and notable on the DCI Fan Network

by Drum Corps International

Moving on with another week of intense spring training, drum corps around the country have delivered tons of new content on the DCI Fan Network. Here's a small glimpse at what's new!

Blue Stars

The Blue Stars give a sneak peek into into their 2009 production as the corps' brass section rehearses the ballad section of "The Factory."

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In the latest episode of the Bluecoats' "Live Update," you'll hear from current corps members as they talk about their progress during spring training rehearsals at Denison University in Granville, Ohio.

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Boston Crusaders

Look in as the Boston Crusaders percussion section runs through the last two minutes of a show segment titled "The Tempting."

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Carolina Crown

Check out this portion of Carolina Crown's 2009 production, "The Grass is Always Greener," where you'll hear parts of Aaron Copland's "Promise of Living" and an original composition by staff composers Lee Beddis and Andrew Markworth.

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The Cavaliers

Cavaliers director Bruno Zuccala gives an interview at the corps' rehearsal last week in a DCI Fan Network feature "Director's Spotlight." Hear what he has to say about the Cavaliers' 2009 program, "The Great Divide."

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The Colts

While on the corps' self-titeld "corn field tour" in Dewitt, Iowa, the Colts' percussion section rehearses the second section of their 2009 program, "Fathoms."

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Santa Clara Vanguard

In this episode of "Behind the Star," you'll be able to take a look at the Santa Clara Vanguard front ensemble as staff member Mark Eichenberger discusses strategy for the group as well as the new addition to SCV's instrumentation, the synthesizer.

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