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Blue Devils Blue Devils member Brandon, alias "Cheddar Bob," takes fans inside the very technical and extremely important process of lining a football field in the latest Blue Devils "member cam."
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Blue Knights More exclusive post-show podcasts from the Blue Knights are available on the Fan Network, highlighting the corps' performances from Dallas and San Antonio.
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Blue Stars "Blue Stars in Motion #11" catches up with the corps members as they rehearsed in Florida for the DCI Orlando event.
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Bluecoats "Bluecoats Live Minute 2.4" gives fans an inside look at the corps' brass warm ups for the tuba and mellophone sections.
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The Cadets Staff member Joe Roche discusses the physical training exercises for the Cadets as well as how he interprets the corps' 2008 production, "...and the pursuit of happiness."
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Carolina Crown "CROWNminute" numbers 43 to 46 breaks Carolina Crown's brass sections into subsection rehearsals, from the trumpets down to the "sweet 16" tubas.
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The Cavaliers In their fifth "Fan Mail" video, members of the Cavaliers answer the question, "Which drum corps show made you want to be involved with a drum corps?"
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Colts A video on the Colts Fan Network follows the corps members as they perform at the DCI Orlando event and then spends some time with them at the laundromat during a free day.
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Glassmen An audio interview with Glassmen drum major Mike McGreevy gives an update between the afternoon and evening shows in San Antonio this past Saturday.
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Pacific Crest The Pacific Crest Fan Network has a video of the corps' drum line warming up in the lot for a performance in Dallas, Texas.
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Phantom Regiment "Phantom Pheature 5" follows corps members on a free day in San Francisco and gives a close-up look at the new changes to their uniforms.
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Santa Clara Vanguard The Santa Clara Vanguard Fan Network gives a preview of the "Soul" movement of the corps' 2008 program "3HREE," complete with instructions on how the audience can participate in the fun.
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Troopers Fans get to meet the trumpet, mellophone, baritone and tuba sections in a series of videos on the Troopers Fan Network.
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