The 2008 season is nearly here, and until the Drum Corps international Summer Tour officially kicks off this weekend, one of the best places to see DCI's World Class corps is online on the DCI Fan Network. Here's some of the latest content you'll want to check out … Visit the DCI Fan Network.
Blue Devils A Blue Devils member who rolled her ankle talks about having to sit out while taking time to heal, and BD's 2008 drum line jams to "Ditty: the Remix" in the latest episode of Blueview.
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Blue Knights In celebration of the organization's 50th anniversary, the Blue Knights have released a commercial for the corps on its Fan Network channel.
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Blue Stars Members of the Blue Stars sent home special Father's Day wishes to dads across the country in a video on the Blue Stars Fan Network channel.
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Carolina Crown Fans can see Crown's guard members rehearsing parts of their 2008 show, "Finis," in CROWNminute #21, and can see brass caption supervisor Matt Harloff give a "pep talk" to the brass section in CROWNminute #19.
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The Cavaliers In their second fan mail video the Cavaliers give Fan Network subscribers a sneak peek of their incredible new snare drum colors for this season, all without ever showing the drums.
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Colts The Colts posted a video from the corps' performance at the Belmont "Brass 'n Brats" festival. There fans can get a glimpse of the Colts' 2008 production "Night and Day."
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Madison Scouts The Madison Scouts helped the community of Baraboo, Wis. put down sandbags as the town was threatened by flooding. A montage of pictures is set to the Scouts singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" in Madisonic #3.
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Phantom Regiment In the corps' first "Phantom Pheature," the Regiment moves into a rehearsal facility in Winnebago Ill. and shares one of the corps' encore pieces for this year, "Ave Maria."
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