The Drum Corps International Fan Network has great new content posted from corps video crews who have been crisscrossing the country into the third week of the '09 DCI Tour. Take a look at what's new in the roundup below! Also, don't miss out on live recordings of your favorite corps recently posted from the July 2 DCI Tour event in Beverly Mass. Click the "Download Performances" link at the top of the Fan Network homepage to purchase this latest round of Audio Performance Downloads. Fan Network subscribers can also see videos from the Beverly event now available in the On Demand video section. 
Blue Devils Check out scenes from the Blue Devils' System Blue camps. More than 75 young percussionists from across the country traveled to southern and central California to experience the Blue Devils' system of success.

Blue Stars Tune in to see an interview with real-life "Rosie the Riveter," Ona Hammond. Ona shares her experiences working at an airplane factory during World War II, as well as her excitement to see how the Blue Stars capture that experience with their 2009 production, "The Factory."


Bluecoats See what it's like to rehearse with the Bluecoats in this episode of "Bluecoats Live Minute." Hear from members who are relieved to be out of the 100-plus-degree weather in Arizona. 


Boston Crusaders In this Boston Crusaders' Fan Network video upload, look in as the front ensemble warms up before a show in Bristol, R.I.

Carolina Crown In this episode of "CrownMINUTE," hear from mellophone player Jacob Gross about the section's unique visual movements during the corps' 2009 production, "The Grass is Always Greener." Also, don't miss part of Carolina Crown's performance at the DCI Central Illinois event during the Music of All Summer Symposium camp for high schoolers.


The Cavaliers View this Fan Network Video to see a slideshow of performance photos from the Cavaliers' performance at the Glassmen All Star Review in Toledo, Ohio, where the Cavaliers and Holy Name Cadets tied for the win.


Colts Despite 60-degree weather, the Colts take a break from rehearsal as an ice cream truck stops by the corps' housing site in Vicksburg, Mich. Look in as members enjoy a special treat.


Madison Scouts In "Madisonic #4," experience a day-in-the-life of the Madison Scouts drum line to see how members maintain and care for their equipment. Also, don't miss a sneak peek into the drum line's warm up.


Pacific Crest Check out this video to see a clip from Pacific Crest's rehearsal. The corps plays during a beautiful sunset in Covina, Calif. 

Phantom Regiment Check out the Phantom Regiment "Member Cam" as 150 corps members invade a Walmart in the middle of the night. Click on this Fan Network exclusive to see corps members buying everything from rain jackets to tissues and candy.


Santa Clara Vanguard In the latest episode of "Behind the Star," get a members' perspective on the Vanguard's 2009 program "Ballet for Martha."

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