The 2010 Drum Corps International Tour is in full swing, and there is a ton of great new footage and downloads on the DCI Fan Network to follow along. Fans can now purchase Audio Performance Downloads from the DCI West event in Stanford, Calif. and Drum Corps - An American Tradition in Ewing, N.J. Fan Network subscribers also now have access to Video On Demand from a variety of 2010 events including Michigan City, Ind., Walnut, Calif., Stanford, Calif., Normal, Ill., Louisville, Ky., and Ft. Mill, S.C.!

Watch this montage of Impluse's June 26 dress rehearsal. Included are photos of the corps' field show and some behind-the-scenes peeks!

Check out this fast-paced video montage of clips from recent Bluecoats practices ranging from ensemble to full dress rehearsals. In case you haven't made it to a show yet, you can also hear a clip of music from the corps' 2010 production toward the end!

Boston Crusaders
Hear the Crusaders' brass players warm up "in the lot" before their performance at the Ewing, N.J. DCI Tour event.

Carolina Crown
As the North Carolina summer unleashes its (in)famous storms, Carolina Crown stays nice and dry as they rehearse inside. In the latest episode of "CrownMINUTE," hear their indoor rehearsal.

Santa Clara Vanguard
Go behind the scenes as the Santa Clara Vanguard staff works to perfect the look of the corps. In this episode, they work on fitting the corps' Aussie hats so corps members look good all season long.

The Cavaliers
Hear from Cavaliers show designers about what inspired the creation of the corps' 2010 production, "Mad World." From the title song and color guard interpretations, to musical themes and new snare drum sounds, learn more about the method to these designers' "madness."

Don't miss these upcoming media releases scheduled for the DCI Fan Network: LIVE Webcasts July 10 – Kalamazoo, MI & Denver, CO July 17 – Minneapolis, MN July 22 & 23 – Houston, TX Video On Demand July 10 – Kalamazoo, MI & Denver, CO July 17 – Minneapolis, MN July 22 & 23 – Houston, TX Audio Performance Downloads July 10 – Denver, CO July 22 & 23 – Houston, TX June 31 – Atlanta, GA Learn more about a Fan Network subscription to take full advantage of this media.

The DCI Fan Network is back and bigger than ever in 2010, giving you access to exclusive content from all of your favorite corps, on your schedule, 24-hours a day. On top of the free video content uploaded by corps video crews who will be criss-crossing the country this summer, Fan Network subscribers have it all, from unlimited access to the Drum Corps International audio/video vault, to live Webcasts from some of DCI's most exciting events, to on-demand replays of select corps performances available as the 2010 summer season unfolds.