This summer we called on drum corps fans to "spread the word" about drum corps to the uninitiated - invited longtime fans to become marching music evangelists. Kenn Phillips sent in this one. "Following our Third DCI Event this year on Aug. 4 in Warrenton, Va., I received this story in an e-mail from one of our patrons. During the encore event by the Madison Scouts, Mr. Smith, the drum major, conducted the performance from the seat and row directly in front of us. He asked our 8-year-old granddaughter to hold his hat and the corps' first-place medal while he lead his corps. After the performance when he retrieved his hat, he gave the corps' first-place medal to our granddaughter and signed her score sheet. She was overwhelmed and she and we will have a memory of a life time. Thanks and see you again next year. My special thanks to Mr. Smith and the whole Madison Scouts program for being positive ambassadors for the whole Drum Corps community. This type of "memory" is just a seed for this young person, but I'm sure the deed did not go unnoticed by others in the stands that night.
Thanks Kenn! We realize the summer is over, but if you brought a "new" drum corps friend to a DCI show this past summer, send us a pic and we'll acknowledge you! But then this winter, you've got to promise to keep those drum corps passions burning, and inspire your new converts to bring friends to DCI shows next summer!