This summer we called on drum corps fans to "spread the word" about drum corps to the uninitiated -- the news story HERE invited longtime fans to become marching music evangelists. Tommy Stovall, who marched with Carolina Crown in 1999, sent in this one. "This August I attended DCI Finals for the sixth time in the past nine years. I brought along a few friends this year, however. Pictured from left to right: My girlfriend Amy, who has been a drum corps fan for a few years but attended Finals for the first time this year; our friend Ashley, who attended her very first drum corps show ever; and Mitchell, who marched with me in winter guard and in high school. "We drove all the way from North Carolina to Boston to attend semifinals and finals. Ashley had to get permission to skip a day of band camp at college to attend her very first drum corps show, but she claims it was well worth it. She had to work a lot this summer at McDonald's to help pay for the trip. Notice how I strategically placed her under the golden arches for the photo. "We hope to do it all again next year in Madison! Flying, of course." Thanks Tommy! We realize the summer is over, but if you brought a "new" drum corps friend to a DCI show this past summer, send us a pic and we'll acknowledge you! But then this winter, you've got to promise to keep those drum corps passions burning, and inspire your new converts to bring friends to DCI shows next summer!