Recently we called on drum corps fans to "spread the word" about drum corps to the uninitiated - invited longtime fans to become marching music evangelists. Jordan Byron sent in this one. "Recently, my three best friends and I attended our first-ever live DCI performance. Needless to say our jaws were on the ground even before the first note was played. My friend Bob (the far left) and I (the middle) recently started a marching band at the University of New Haven. Bob, Chris (far right), Lauren (taking the picture), and I have all been involved in marching band since high school, and when Bob and I moved on to college, we missed the activity so much, we dedicated most of our free time to starting a marching band. While others went out on Thursday and Friday nights, Bob and I sat in our dorm rooms calculating how much it would cost to buy a drum line. And when we weren't crunching numbers, we were out talking to administrators or hanging signs around campus about the next informational meeting. "Since the start of our "crazy endeavor", Bob and I always looked to the Spirit from JSU as a template for our program. In the future, we hope one day the UNH Marching Band can transform into what Jackson State has done with Spirit, and transform into a competitive and educational corps in DCI. "All of us have such fond memories of band, and for right now, the only way we can live them out is by going to a DCI show and watching what we one day hope to create. "In the unlikely event this actually makes it to the Web site, and someone is looking for more details about the UNH marching band, our web address is "Again thank all of you at DCI that make this happen every year, and for inspiring us to go out and continue the tradition of drum corps!" Thanks Jordan! We're asking each of you to reach out and spread the word about the drum corps activity. Knock on doors, e-mail, instant message, even yell if you have to -- but this is the summer for you to bring a friend to a DCI show. Bring a digital camera to the show and take a picture with your new drum corps convert at the show, and send it to -- we'll post pics as they come in under the headline, "New convert." Great seats are still available at most DCI shows. Pick up the phone, make your pitch, and we'll see you on the 50.