Recently we called on drum corps fans to "spread the word" about drum corps to the uninitiated invited longtime fans to become marching music evangelists. Austin Walton, who marched with Spirit in '03 (euphonium) and '04 (contra) and who "Looks forward to trying out to return for my ageout year next year," sent in this shot. 
"In this picture are Elizabeth Wright (on the left) and Anna Falkner (on the right). Both of them go to Vanderbilt University. Anna is my girlfriend and a drum corps fan for several years. I recently told Lizz about drum corps during a lengthy road trip. She became very interested in corps and came to the Murfreesboro show with us. She never knew anything like drum corps existed and enjoyed the show very much. I think we may have another convert."

Thanks Austin!

We're asking each of you to reach out and spread the word about the drum corps activity. Knock on doors, e-mail, instant message, even yell if you have to -- but this is the summer for you to bring a friend to a DCI show.

Bring a digital camera to the show and take a picture with your new drum corps convert at the show, and send it to -- we'll post pics as they come in under the headline, "New convert."

Great seats are still available at most DCI shows. Pick up the phone, make your pitch, and we'll see you on the 50.