With the recent debut of the revised DCI.org Web site, several new features are available to assist fans when viewing the 2007 Summer Music Games Tour event schedule, and purchasing tickets.

First click on the "SCHEDULE" tab at the top of the Web site. When that page comes up, you will see a link on the left-hand navigation bar called "Find Events Near You." Click that link.

Here, you can enter your zip code to either find events within a certain distance from you, or you can enter your zip code to find the five events nearest your location. By clicking the submit button, details on the available events will come up. In this schedule overview, you can find links to buy tickets (if available), stadium address information, corps lineups, and more.

After scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you will find a map with all events near you plotted. Integrated with Google Maps, the new DCI.org will allow you to click on the event you would like to go to, enter your address, and pull directions right to the parking lot of the event stadium.

DCI.org gives you plenty of other ways to find Summer Music Games events too. The "Event Listing" shows you a list arranged by date of all events, while the "Event Calendar" shows you all events like you would see up on your wall-hanging 12-month calendar. For fans looking to deadhead it as the ultimate drum corps roadie, check out the "Events by Corps" which will allow you to pull up only the events a particular corps is scheduled to perform in.

And once you have your favorite tour events picked out for this season, don't forget to buy your tickets!