With the recent debut of the revised DCI.org Web site, a new feature is available to assist fans when viewing the 2007 scores pages. The new score pages are updated immediately following the completion of each sanctioned Summer Music Games Tour event although technological limitations may sometimes cause a minimal delay in releasing scores. These are the only scores officially certified by Drum Corps International.

To access the scores page, click on the "SCORES" tab at the top of the Web site. When that page comes up, you will see the scores from the most recent competitions. You can also go to the "View scores from another event" box on the bottom of the page to look at more scores from different Drum Corps International shows that year.

You can also click on the "View Recap" button below the scores, to receive more information on how the points were divided and awarded at each competition.

When viewing the recap, the scores are divided so you can see which corps won the General Effect, Visual and Music captions in addition to the final scores. New on this version of DCI.org, you can now also click on any of those captions, or the sub-captions directly below them, to rank the order of which corps won each caption.

This new look and new feature on the scores pages are designed to optimize your experience with DCI.org, so that you can have the most up-to-date scores and keep track of the progress of your favorite corps.

Visit the DCI.org scores section.