In regards to current world situation, the U.S. Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has placed new restrictions on air travel. Drum Corps International wants to ensure that all fans arrive in Madison, Wis., for the World Championships safely and with a minimum of fuss. According to the TSA, air travelers should take the following precautions:
  • All liquids and gels of any sort are now being prohibited as carry-on items. This includes beverages, sunscreen, hair gel, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, makeup, and similar items. Travelers should be sure to pack these items into checked luggage to avoid having them confiscated at the security checkpoint.
  • The only liquid exceptions are infant formula, milk, or juice for passengers traveling with a baby or small child; prescription medication with a label matching the passenger's name; and essential non-prescription drugs such as insulin.
  • Items such as laptop computers, cell phones, Blackberry devices, mp3 players, and other electronic devices are still being allowed as carry-on items.
  • Travelers are being advised to arrive at the airport two hours in advance of their flight to ensure plenty of time to clear security. Passengers should expect long lines and exercise patience. You can expedite your security clearance by minimizing carry-on luggage and ensuring that your carry-on luggage does not contain any of the prohibited items.
  • Drum corps fans should consider checking digital media and photo film, as well as souvenir items such as drumsticks and drum keys, lapel pins, key chains, etc. Consider that what may seem normal to a drum corps fan may seem out of place to a security screener, and pack accordingly.
  • For more information, check your airline's or your local airport's Web site. View the TSA advisory.  Check the Dane County, Wis., Regional Airport Web site.