From a NightBEAT press release: NightBEAT, the premier drum corps competition in Charlotte, N.C., was deemed a "standstill" performance due to weather conditions last night at Memorial Stadium and went on in that format, despite the heavy storms that rolled through the area. The show was postponed while the crowd waited below the stadium seats and in the Grady Cole Center as event directors, the DCI representative and the corps directors met twice to decide the format of the show. Everyone waited patiently and eagerly. After the lightning ceased, the crowd of 8,000 returned to their seats in the stands, even though it was still raining!

For the safety of the drum corps members, it was decided that the intricate field drills that the corps perform could not happen due to field conditions. The result was all seven corps wowing the crowd with their musicianship in a "standstill" performance. Many a standing ovation occurred! The VIP reception held before the show in the Grady Cole Center was a huge success, with the hometown Carolina Crown performing their show "Bell-issimo" for all those who have done so much for the corps throughout the years. The NightBEAT staff would like to extend a sincere appreciation to all fans that proved that drum corps fans are the best fans in the world! The show would not have gone on if it were not for you! Thank You!