Updated 1:02 p.m. ET The Drum Corps International Board of Directors met Sunday morning in Orlando, Fla. to form a nine-member board that will become effective after the adjournment of the DCI Annual Meeting this afternoon. The election came after the current board voted to accept a new governance structure on Jan. 25 intended to facilitate more efficient business operations. Read about the new governance structure. For the first year of the board's operation, the nine elected members will serve a one-year term. Staggered three-year terms will be instituted by the board for 2009. The new board will consist of nine individuals, including six elected representatives from the DCI member corps as well as three unaffiliated (at-large) members. Eight current board members expressed interest in serving in the six available corps-affiliated board spots. All current DCI member corps under the new governance structure (defined as those World Class corps who participated in last year's DCI World Championship Quarterfinals), voted to elect: Greg Orwoll of the Colts, George Hopkins of the Cadets, David Glasgow of the Bluecoats, David Gibbs of the Blue Devils, Rick Valenzuela of the Phantom Regiment and Mark Arnold of the Blue Knights. All three currently serving at-large members expressed interest in being part of the new board structure. No new nominations were presented and therefore Brian Setzer, Mike Kehoss and Tom French will serve in the three at-large board positions. Mark Arnold will serve as chairman of the board, Mike Kehoss as vice chair, Rick Valenzuela as secretary and George Hopkins as treasurer. The new governance structure became effective upon the adjournment of the DCI Annual Meeting on Sunday afternoon.