By Allison Owen Whoever told me that you don't have much free time in drum corps wasn't kidding. Obviously I've been incredibly busy or else I would have written this sooner. A typical day on tour consists of eat, rehearse, shower, clean, perform, sleep. The order varies from day to day. Being on tour is also very different from everydays. I like being on tour more though, I guess there's just something to love about waking up in a random state and not know where I am. We shared our first housing site with the Cavaliers. That was an interesting experience for me because it was my first chance to meet people from other corps. I also got the chance to see my first live show -- the Cavaliers -- and I've seen a lot more since then. It's weird seeing drum corps live and not on a DVD, but it's definitely a good kind of weird. Sleep on tour is an interesting thing. It's crazy how you learn to function on a less-than-needed amount of sleep. Some people will say it's hard to sleep on a bus, but if you're tired you'll sleep anywhere. I haven't had any problems with bus sleep yet. The only problem I've had was when I couldn't find my shoe when we arrived at a housing site early one morning. Eventually I found it though, don't worry. I've come to the conclusion that August is going to be the hardest time of my life. Right now we've just finished our second tour and it would be really hard to leave all my friends here and this way of life. It's impossible to spend 24/7 with the same people and not make lifelong friends and memories. This is a life-changing experience that will always have a special place in my heart, so I want to make each moment count and think of the good times. Sure free time may be hard to come by in drum corps, but I'll have plenty of free time in August. So until then I'll just enjoy being busy all the time.
Allison Owen is a rookie in the Memphis Sound guard line.