Finals have been over for a while now, and we've all had time to ingest the phenomenal 2002 drum corps season and make note of not just which corps are deserving of praise, but also the individuals that form and shape each corps.If you know a drum corps personality that deserves to be enshrined in the Drum Corps International Hall of Fame's class of 2003, now is the time to nominate that person. All interested persons are invited to submit nominations for the DCI Hall of Fame, and now, nominations for consideration by the Hall of Fame Legacy Committee may be made.At a later time other nominations will be invited for consideration by the Hall of Fame Screening Committee and voting by the DCI Board and current Hall of Fame members.How does someone qualify for the DCI Hall of Fame? Two ways:Election by the DCI Board and Hall of Fame Members This process would apply to those who are now, or who have within the past 15 years been active in the drum corps activity. This election takes place in the spring of each year. Nomination procedures will be announced at a later date.Selection by the Hall of Fame Legacy Committee The DCI Board recognizes that those who have been away from the activity for several years may not be well known to current electors, and so may be disadvantaged in the regular election process. Experience from other activities (such as baseball) indicates that sometimes a person's contributions can only be fully valued in substantial retrospect. Further, the Board saw that there are many potential worthy candidates for Hall of Fame status who predate DCI, but who merit recognition for building the foundation making DCI possible. To resolve these concerns, the Board has established the Hall of Fame Legacy Committee, which annually reviews and makes selections for induction. Last year the DCI Hall of Fame Legacy Committee selected three people:C. H. Beebe (former executive director of the Madison Scouts)Sal Ferrera (former executive vice president and program coordinator of The Cavaliers)Sie Lurye (former director of The Royal Airs)In 2003 and beyond the Legacy Committee will select up to two new members of the Hall of Fame from among the qualified nominees.PROCESSIf you wish to make a nomination for selection by the Legacy Committee, please take note:QUALIFICATIONSA nominee should have been away from active participation (other than as a fan) for 20 or more years (roughly one generation).15 or more years contribution to the drum corps activity before retirement. In addition, non-drum corps contributions may also be considered.NOMINATIONSTo nominate a candidate for consideration by the Legacy Committee, please submit a letter to David L. Kampschroer, DCI Hall of Fame Chairman, 1803 San Luis Lane, Lady Lake, FL 32159-9290. Letters can also be faxed to Kampschroer at 352.259.1205.The letter should follow the outline here:Include the complete name, address, home and work telephone numbers (including area code) for the candidate you are nominating.Explain why you feel this candidate should be considered for membership in the Hall of Fame Class of 2003. (Please limit your letter to two pages or less).Please document the background this person has in our activity, their example for drum corps youth and their drum corps longevity.In your nomination letter, include YOUR name, address, home and work phone numbers (including area code) along with your signature and date you completed and submitted this letter. (Note: You may nominate only ONE candidate per year for consideration by The Legacy Committee.)Contact up to four additional people and ask that they submit a letter supporting your candidate. These support letters should also be sent to David Kampschroer at the address shown above. (Note: Only one such support letter for consideration by The Legacy Committee from any person will be considered each year. Further, a person making a nomination for consideration by The Legacy Committee may not submit support letters for other such candidates during the same year.)The ORIGINAL LETTER(S) must be received on or before Dec. 15. (Fax copies often cannot be reproduced for review by the Committee).Letters may also be emailed as an ATTACHMENT to on or before the Dec. 15 deadline.Any questions regarding the LEGACY Committee selection, or other questions related to the Hall of Fame should be addressed to David Kampschroer at the address shown above.