By Kristin Kray Classes are now underway here at USF in Tampa. Everyone has been stressing out about their workloads and how they'll be able to manage everything this semester. We have all been looking for someway to "de-stress" and find a way to just have a good time. Luckily for me I am able to "de-stress" in a good 'ol drum corps way. You'll remember one of my articles about my friend Menno frantically e-mailing me about one of his friends coming to the states and needed a place to stay before and after the audition camp.

Kristin Kray
Menno and I met during finals week in Orlando. He was on the support staff this past summer for Pioneer. I had stayed with the corps also to help them out. Menno and I became instant friends and have kept in contact since finals week. He mentioned to me that he will be coming to the states sometime to audition for a corps. In November, Menno pretty much knew that he would be coming to the states for his audition. He also knew that I live in the Tampa area and that I am always looking forward to having corps people come visit and just have out for a while. Menno also marches with a corps in Holland (Jubal). Like Coen, he wants to get the experience marching in a corps here in the United States. It's quite costly for a person from out of country to march with a corps here in the States. Some take a few months off from school, leave their friends, family, and the way of life they know at home. They stay with families that live in the corps hometown area. Menno will be auditioning for the Boston Crusaders this weekend in Clearwater, Fla. He is starting to feel a little bit nervous but is looking forward to experience American drum corps from an actual member point of view. He has only seen drum corps here through a support staff member's perspective. Along the lines of having people you know come into town for corps, I also have another friend of mine coming into town for the Crusaders camp. Andrew, a mellophone player from Kansas, will be arriving in Tampa Friday evening. Andrew is one of the people I had an awesome opportunity to march with during the 2002 season. We have talked online about possibly getting together, talking, and catching up on things. I have made many friends during the two years I have marched. The people that have marched know that it is always a good feeling to meet up with people you know and lived with for a few months. Those of you that are entering your first year of corps are in for an experience of a lifetime. You'll meet the most interesting people through corps and have the best memories too! Take the time to get to know everyone in the corps. The more people you know the more fun you will have. Feel free to email me at